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Judy Clark
Judy ClarkTrainer
Raised in a business, by the time I was 6 I knew to ask “Can I help you?”

With more than thirty years of experience in the marketing, hospitality, training and resources industry and a stint working for a world class resort where I learned the value of going above and beyond, it is safe to say Customer Service and Communication is in my blood.

I am passionate about delivering experiential training to the highest standard. Seeking to lead by example, I help people to push themselves, grow personally, improve their people skills, and to learn more, and learn often.

“Every time I teach, I learn.”

I consider myself a learner every bit as much as a teacher. Infused with the need to share my passion, I provide a learning environment in which the experience is fun, involved, creative and engaging.

I have been blessed to have a life that has included extensive travel, the experience of living in another country and a diverse background, all which have resulted in unique skill sets.

As well as Customer Service and Communication, my specialties include Professional Speaking, Business Development, Leadership & Influence, Public Speaking, Presentation Skills, Teamwork & Team-building, Job Search and Travel.

Alan Brooks
Alan BrooksTrainer
I am passionate about Customer Service. Why? Well, I run a business and want my staff to get more business… but the real reason is, I am a customer!

With more than 30 years of management, sales and business experience at a senior level in the USA, Canada, Australasia and, rather happily, the Caribbean, I have practiced and taught Customer Service to many people. In my view, everyone in the company is in sales.

My background is in information technology and science. I have worked with Vital Statistics information management systems, Museum management systems and science programs. My experience is in government and corporate enterprise with large and small organisations, including the largest museums on the planet. Some of the great relationships I have built have been with wonderful people at the Smithsonian Institution in DC, the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, New York Botanic Gardens, Yale University and the Natural History Museum in London.

My talent for customer relations, sales, marketing, account management, project management, general management and human relations are built into this course. My experience producing on-line training and webinars for the museum and vital statistics markets fin the past five years has been great in the preparation of this course.

The secret to my continuing success? I build great relationships.

Alan relaxes by indulging his loves; travel, reading, learning, Judy and three pesky cats. An award winning public speaker, Alan is writing a novel and short scripts in between the development of new and exciting courses.


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